Cha do dhùin dorust, nach d’ fhosgail dorust ~ No door ever shut but another opened

Saturday, 18 May 2013

My deep ancestry - Geno 2

Recently I sent off a DNA sample to the National Genographic Project to take their Geno 2 test.  Although I have undertaken numerous tests for genealogical markers, I was interested in the very deep ancestry markers which Geno 2 seeks to identify.  The test also identifies a deep paternal ancestry (Y-DNA) marker and a maternal (mtDNA) haplogroup neither of which I will mention in this post.  Results from both of these can be integrated into your Family Tree DNA user profile (who are undertaking the actual processing of samples).

I have already identified where many of my recent ancestors originated from within Scotland as can be seen from the image below which illustrates where they came from the period 1760-1790.  If  I were to go back a further generation or two the spread moves further to the west, but none from Glasgow (and as an Edinburgher I feel very blessed...only a joke:)

I know the names and supposed geographical origins of 57 or my 64 potential ancestors going back 6 generations. Here they are plotted on a map with blue being paternal and orange maternal.

So what did the test reveal?  As far as deep ancestry is concerned it actually revealed the obvious for someone whose ancestors have not moved too far in many centuries and whose recent ancestors hail from in the main, eastern Scotland. My first reference population is British (yuck) and my second

Meanwhile my archaic hominid ancestry was reported  as:

In time the reference populations used will become more refined.